Netherland DELTA Master PhD Scholarships 2011-2012

Netherland DELTA Scholarship Master and PhD Degrees 2011-2012 at The Hague University


Interested in investigate or doing an internship in a Netherlands? Or maybe we are already. A DELTA extend can assistance cover some of your costs. How do we validate for a DELTA scholarship? The answers to this and a other many frequently asked questions for 2006-2007 are listed below.

What is Delta?

DELTA (Dutch Education: Learning during Top Level Abroad) is a extend programme run by Nuffic in partnership with a Dutch institutions of aloft education. The aim of DELTA is to attract top-quality students to a Netherlands. Nuffic provides a institutions with a extend which, underneath ubiquitous conditions, they are afterwards giveaway to allot to students in a form of a scholarship. Students can use a DELTA extend to cover some of their costs, such as accommodation, travel, fee fees and daily vital costs.

Does The Hague University attend in a DELTA extend programme?

Yes, it does.

How and where do we request for a scholarship? Where can we find some-more information about a criteria and procedure?

You can request by stuffing in a focus form on this website. On this website we will find a information we need about a criteria, procession etc. Check out a flyers!

Do we validate for a Delta Scholarship?

You can request for a DELTA extend if:
  • we are a inhabitant of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand or Vietnam
  • we are no comparison than 35 during a start of a educational year
  • we have been certified to a initial year (propaedeutic year) of one of a programmes on a basement of before preparation outward a Netherlands
  • we accommodate a visa mandate for entering and staying in a Netherlands as a foreignstudent
  • we will spend during slightest 3 months investigate in a Netherlands
  • we are doing research, an internship or investigate during bachelors, masters or PhD level
  • we have been certified to a Dutch establishment of aloft education

How most is a DELTA scholarship?

Each establishment receives a certain volume of income in a form of a grant. The establishment is afterwards giveaway to confirm how most any subordinate tyro will accept in a 2006-2007 educational year. The volume will during slightest cover fee fees. You can find a accurate volume of a extend in a flyers on this website.

When is a deadline for application?

The deadline during The Hague University is 15 Jun 2006. Please send a focus form ,which we can download from this website, to a International Office: Email:
Postal address
P.O. Box 13336
2501 EH The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-70-445 8505
Fax: +31-70-445 8594

I`ve been investigate in a Netherlands for a few months now. Can we still request for a DELTA scholarship?

This will count on a establishment where we are studying. Ask a International Office about a possibilities.

I am not receiving a scholarship, even yet we do accommodate a requirements. How come?

Every establishment decides for itself who should accept a DELTA extend and why. Read a extend flyer of your investigate programme delicately and if we still have questions, greatfully ask a International Office during The Hague University for information on a conditions and procession for a 2006-2007 educational year.
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